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Payment via Smobilpay

About SmobilpayTM

A Turnkey Solution used by third parties (Banks, MFIs, Petrol stations, Cyber shops, Pharmacies, etc) to collect funds on behalf of Eneo.
Operational in Cameroon since November 2014, Smobilpay is revolutionizing the process of electricity bill payment for eneo. Pay now your electricity bills anytime and anywhere in 2 minutes through our network of authorized Partners:

 NFC Bank
 Instant Transfer
 Azire Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (AziCCUL)
 Kumba central credit Union Ltd (KuCCUL)
 Ntarinkon credit Union Ltd (NtaCCUL)
 Rural Investment Credit (RIC)
 Summit Financial Credit
 USA Credit
 All other payment points where you find a Smobilpay Logo

From the Diaspora you can also pay your bills or those of your friends and relatives via our growing network of partners including:


 And many other partners, follow the link below

How does it work?

It's very simple! Visit one of our authorized partners with your electricity bill (or just your bill number, contract number or Meter number) and the bill amount in cash plus a small service charge. Their trained personnel will handle the rest for you. In two clicks, your bill is paid and you receive a proof of payment in form of a traceable receipt and optionally SMS and Email notifications.

Field Agents using Smobilpay may also visit you and pay your bills on the spot, saving you the effort to visit one of the payment points.

With Smobilpay, bill payment is made easy.

What are the benefits?

- No need to queue
- Pay at multiple payment points, closest to home or work
- No need to manipulate technology (let our partners do the work for you)
- A physical proof of payment

How much does it cost?

FromTillFee (Fixed)Fee (Percentage)
1 FCFA 1.500 FCFA 150 FCFA 0.00%
1.501 FCFA 15.000 FCFA 200 FCFA 0.00%
15.001 FCFA 20.000 FCFA 300 FCFA 0.00%
20.000 FCFA 30.000 FCFA 350 FCFA 0.00%
30.001 FCFA 40.000 FCFA 400 FCFA 0.00%
40.001 FCFA 50.000 FCFA 500 FCFA 0.00%
50.001 FCFA 70.000 FCFA 600 FCFA 0.00%
70.001 FCFA 80.000 FCFA 700 FCFA 0.00%
80.001 FCFA 100.000 FCFA 800 FCFA 0.00%
100.001 FCFA 200.000 FCFA 900 FCFA 0.00%
200.001 FCFA 300.000 FCFA 1.200 FCFA 0.00%
300.001 FCFA 500.000 FCFA 1.500 FCFA 0.00%
500.001 FCFA 1.000.000 FCFA 2.000 FCFA 0.00%
1.000.001 FCFA 2.000.000 FCFA 3.000 FCFA 0.00%
>2.000.001 FCFA     0.15%
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