About Eneo

Eneo is the country’s historical main electricity company. It is partially State-owned with 51% of the share capital held by Actis, 5% by Eneo employees and 44% by the State of Cameroon.

In generation, Eneo has an installed generation capacity of 968MW. Its generation facilities fleet consists of 39 generation power plants, including 13 grid power plants and 26 remote thermal power plants. 74 % of Eneo generation is from hydro.

The transmission network comprises 24 substations and includes 1944.29 kilometres of High-Voltage lines, 15081.48 kilometres of Medium-Voltage lines and 15209.25 kilometres of Low-Voltage lines. 

The Distribution network comprises 11 450 km lines of 5.5 to 33 KV and 11 158 km lines of 220 to 380 KV. Eneo has over 973.250 customers with about 45% living in Douala and Yaounde.

Eneo has a headcount of 3765 permanent employees. Since June 2015, Eneo Cameroon S.A. is subsidiary of the British investment group Actis. Its activities are governed by the Concession Agreement signed between the Government of Cameroon and Actis.