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Eric MANSUY, General Manager Eneo Cameroon: From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you…

Dear colleagues,

Our year 2021 is ending as it began. With very positive signals from the Government for Eneo and the entire sector. To say that confidence in Eneo and the sector is growing is not just a slogan, but a reality. This is reflected in all the measures taken by the Government to sanitize the sector's finances by allowing the signing of an agreement to restructure the sector's cross debts between Eneo, the State of Cameroon, KPDC, DPDC, EDC and SONATREL, for a value of CFAF 118 billion. The issue of Eneo's exit from the transmission assets has also been finally settled.

All these gestures have reassured national and international investors. Thus, after raising CFAF 100 billion on the local market at the very beginning of 2021 to boost our investments this year and the one to follow, it is with great optimism that we are pursuing negotiations with many international donors, including the World Bank, in order to mobilise more resources to support our project for the development of the electricity sector.

As you know, this project, in the generation, distribution and marketing of electricity, requires a total of around CFAF 520 billion over the period 2021-2031. At the rate of renewed confidence, we have faith that this will be achieved with a real improvement in access to electricity and in the quality of service, for both technical and commercial activities.

From the bottom of heart, I say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to all the colleagues who have worked tirelessly to make this unprecedented transaction possible.

Dear colleagues,

The Government's strong gesture is certainly an expression of its positive appreciation of the efforts we are making. In fact, this year's performance demonstrates an acceleration in the implementation of our plan:

  • Another 2 points gained in distribution efficiency;
  • A reduction of more than 16% in the duration and frequency of power cuts due to Eneo Cameroon's installations;
  • More than 215 000 prepaid meters installed on customers' premises, i.e., more than 200% compared to 2020;
  • About 60 000 poles replaced, twice as many as last year;
  • Almost twice as many underground cables rehabilitated;
  • More than 150 km of new lines installed;
  • Change of voltage level in at least 3 cities;
  • 24 MW installed in the NIG in response to the hydrological shortfall;
  • Increased maintenance of our MV facilities;
  • 90 000 new customers to be connected soon;
  • 26% of our customers at ease because they no longer go to our counters to pay their bills

Indeed, more than ever before, we have developed the Generation facilities, strengthened and extended the Distribution network, provided commercial solutions that improve the customer experience. As part of our customer relationship year, we have implemented and regularly monitored a range of measures and reforms. We are confident that the impact will be felt quickly in customer perceptions.

In 2021, satisfaction was also recorded in:

  • Relationship with the Regulator and Consumer Associations with whom we have managed to frame the anti-fraud operations to as much as possible;
  • Relations with institutions such as the Parliament, whose key members are beginning to understand our issues and projects;
  • Strengthened relationships with communities that have been even more at the heart of our CSR approach;
  • The recognition of Eneo, by the President of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, as an avant-garde company in the practice of bilingualism and multiculturalism in Cameroon;
  • Resilience in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic;
  • Strengthening of our gender approach, which can now rely on a Diversity and Inclusion policy adopted this year, as well as the committee monitoring the implementation of this policy. In this respect, the award I received as a UN Women's HeForShe Ambassador is a strong sign of recognition of the good practices that are increasingly implemented at Eneo. I urge you to support this approach.

From the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU and congratulate all my colleagues, the actors of our successes, step-by-step, every day, on the ground.

This progress in our operations, our investments and, above all, the improvement in the electricity sector's finances, requires only one thing: greater commitment on the part of Eneo's teams to meet the challenges. Expectations are growing. We will be judged more by our actions, criticised more than any other player. We will have less and less room for error when faced with a customer who has a phase problem in his house, one who makes a request for a connection, one who asks for a check in his area or a review of his billing. Furthermore, the government is hoping for faster connections, fewer billing problems, better customer relations, more network extensions, a more stable supply in rural areas or the replacement of faulty transformers within 12 hours in urban areas, etc.

We no longer have to wait for others to be demanding. Let us challenge ourselves with the necessary determination to make our company shine.

We know what it takes to succeed:

  • Compliance with safety regulations;
  • Discipline and compliance with procedures;
  • Respect of our values Integrity-Respect-Commitment-Cohesion.

This miracle recipe will be essential for Eneo to be ready for the African Cup of Nations in January 2022. I would like to congratulate the AFCON Supervisory Committee for the work it is doing, with the aim of demonstrating the commitment and expertise of our company where it is expected.

To all our colleagues in the operational and support functions who will be in the field and on call during this major event, you have the encouragement of CODIR. Wherever you are, at any time, every action you take must contribute to making Eneo proud. Otherwise, don't do it!

In 2022, the celebration of Ethics Champions will still be on the agenda. So will the application of Zero Tolerance. Zero tolerance for anything that interferes with our march towards success. Zero tolerance for unscrupulous colleagues, whom we will continue to track down and exclude from our project without a second thought.

All hard-working and proactive colleagues can count on top management to support them wherever necessary. Training in the mastery of our internal regulations and their strict application was carried out in this regard in 2021. The popularisation of these tools, and more, will continue in 2022, with a view to prevention and accountability.

In 2022, in the face of challenges, we will have to be disciplined and committed. This is also why we deserve the successful conclusion of a process initiated in 2021 by top management and the workers' representatives. This is the revision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which will eventually lead to an increase in employees' income.

As we close the year and enter the festive season, I cannot help but draw our attention once again to the spread of the COVID 19 virus, the latest variant, OMICRON, is particularly severe.

The Minister of Public Health declared that this variant had not yet arrived in Cameroon. However, we must be aware that with the numerous trips in and out of the country during the holidays and the African Cup of Nations, there is reason to worry. In view of this, I appeal to all of us in the community to be vigilant. Top management continues to recommend that all staff be vaccinated, on a voluntary basis.

Let's celebrate, while keeping up the barrier measures.

Happy end-of-year and happy New Year 2022 to us all!

General Manager
Eneo Cameroon


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