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Eric Mansuy to Eneo people : « WE MUST BELIEVE IN OURSELVES... Happy May 1st 2021! »

Dear colleagues,
Once again, we are forced to celebrate the 1st May without a physical gathering, due to a new wave of COVID-19. Our business is not spared. It is impacted by the effects of a relaxation of vigilance in our respective communities. Under these circumstances, today is a fresh opportunity to call on all sides to be cautious and to strictly observe barrier measures, inside and outside the company. I invite you all to do your COVID self-assessment every week through the Totara application. These are the basic means at our disposal to help protect ourselves, our families, our colleagues and our communities. With an average of 20 new cases in our ranks each week, we cannot afford not to remind you: The situation is critical!

Dear colleagues, I am pleased to say that despite this very challenging health context, our company, through everyone's efforts, achieved excellent performance during the first three months of the year, with peaks recorded in the month of March.

  • Distribution efficiency stood at 74.10%, i.e. 2 points higher than projected; 
  • 10 500 new connections, or 85% more than the target;
  • 6 000 poles replaced;
  • 100 000 prepaid meters will soon be installed;
  • 450,000 payments made through authorized partners, 29% more than last year and 30% more than the previous month.

On these points, it is my wish that the performance of March be repeated from month to month, for the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

On the other hand, the quality of technical service did not improve as we would have wished during the first quarter of 2021, due to a combination of exogenous and endogenous factors. They ranged from the succession of incidents on our networks, those of SONATREL, acts of vandalism, as well as hydrology problems in the Grand North.

Efforts to continue to speed up our investment projects which were notably boosted with the raising of CFAF 100 billion from the local banking market have strengthen our belief more than ever before in improvements to come.

Believe in our ability to significantly improve the quality of Eneo’s infrastructure, and hence the quality of service.

Believe  in the power of the many initiatives we are gradually implementing, following the Commercial Stand-down, to generate positive experiences for our customers.

Believe in the genius and commitment of each of us as an employee capable of providing solutions to the most complex situations. I would like to seize this opportunity to encourage all our engineers and other support teams who are working hard to implement solar solutions in the coming months in the Grand North.

Believe in our ethical capacity for more respect for our values ​​and our rules. I would like to salute all the leaders, irrespective of their ranks who, since the beginning of the year, have been diligently carrying out the worksite and site visit program. Compared to last year, three times more visits have been conducted by leaders to ensure compliance with rules by our teams and those of partner companies in the field. This is one of the important drivers for reducing public fatalities and injuries, as well as strengthening our safety culture with a single objective: zero accidents.

We need to believe in ourselves to be more efficient, and in order to strengthen the confidence of the State and lenders in us. This confidence is essential to raise the remaining CFAF 421 billion necessary to finance Eneo’s investment program over the next ten years.

Dear colleagues,

The nation is watching us; our customers are more and more demanding; our mission is exciting. We must stand up to the great challenges our company is facing:

  • Improving safety and governance;
  • Improved customer experience;
  • New service quality and performance indicators;
  • Implementation of investment projects;
  • Operation focused on both greater operational efficiency;
  • Improving the capacities of our human resources;
  • Etc.

In the face of these challenges, we continue to invest heavily in our women and men.

Last year, you participated massively in the HR satisfaction survey. This participation increased twofold compared to the last ten years and more.

After analysis, the main points of dissatisfaction, which are also recurrent, concerned, in order of priority:

  • Training and development;
  • processing of complaints and requests;
  • organization, distribution and working conditions.

Having taken your feedback into account, the following actions taken, with the assistance of the CODIR, enabled the following results to be achieved:

  • 87% completion of the training plan and 37% of the total workforce trained;
  • 99% of complaints processed;
  • 77% allocation of Human Resources (temporary and permanent staff);
  • More than 22% of the workforce promoted to a higher grade, for a significant financial impact. These promotions were granted in accordance with the guidelines adopted for more equitable and transparent career management;
  • 112 Top performing staff were congratulated and rewarded for their consecutive good performances over the years 2017,2018 and 2019. Still in line with monitoring individual performance, interviews with poor performing staff with a view to improving their professional situation were organized. This good practice will be repeated this year;
  • Strengthening diversity during recruitments and appointments;
  • More than 100% of disciplinary cases were sanctioned compared to 2019.

The ongoing professionalization of the activities of our subcontracting partners, with emphasis on increasing the wages of their employees, is also part of our major HR actions.

Finally, we have also accelerated the process of updating the company’s collective bargaining agreement, to adapt it to the context and to the evolving socio-economic environment of the company. The new version will therefore enter into force by the end of 2021 after approval by the Board of Directors.

Dear colleagues,

It should be underscored that all our efforts will be a waste of time if ethics is not at the core of our actions. This is why the fight against fraud and all kinds of bad practices, both internally and externally, will continue vigorously. More than 100 employees of Eneo or partner companies have been dismissed, and more than 500 fraud barons prosecuted. Yes, ZERO TOLERANCE remains the rule.

Having said that, I would like to wish you all a very happy celebration of International Workers' Day.

We must believe in ourselves! Happy May 1st 2021!


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